Ocean Eyes

by Ruby deer

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This album is dedicated to Ruby, a new life who is almost six months grown in Hannah's belly at the time of release. Some of the songs have been carried within Hannah and Leaf for some time, others are bright brand new, and we had the delight of recording with our dearest friends in the perfectest locations (backyards, McDonald's play structures, etc.) We love you, Ruby, and we love you, world!


released June 26, 2014

Hannah Lee, Leaf, Natalie Marie, Rumi, birds



all rights reserved


Ruby Deer Portland, Maine

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Track Name: There is a road
there's a road
it goes to my house
it touches all other roads
it's where I am now

won't you open up your door
and let me in a while?
I'll show you what I'm sewing
you'll tell me how you're shining

please give me a clue
where to go from here

thank you thank you
Track Name: Mangos drippin
Narwhals swimming in a sky of blue through the clouds on a sunny afternoon
Butterflies deep beneath the waves, how you glitter as the sun begins to sway

Ripe mangos drippin like elephants in a warm sunny autumn breeze
It's beginning to rain sweet honey as the evenin train chugs on by

Tumblin water splashin around the creek up at the big shimmering stars
How they shine oh how they shine such dancing dreams of fireflies
Track Name: Shiny bright life
I love you, shiny bright life
Wishes coming true in the night
Deep divine love.
Track Name: In the meadow
I lay down in the meadow in the sun-drenched leaves
colors all a-blazin, swirlin around me
bees are a buzzin, and butterflies, they sing

In the mountain's heart beneath the stars
fireflies they sparkle above the ferny brook
coyote calls echoin through the dark
Track Name: Muddy river
Muddy river
runnin so wild
take me home
sweet child
take me home
Track Name: Ocean eyes
I look up at the sky and the stars see me
I wonder if they're happy just to be so free

Ocean, ocean, ocean eyes
You are such a surprise
Track Name: Ruby moon
beneath the Ruby moon, I drift away
soaring with the loons, in this field where I lay
oh Ruby, Ruby moon

in the desert sands sunflowers bloom
bright wide eyes
dance, dance, dance

oh Ruby, Ruby moon
Track Name: The first day of my life
This is the very first day of my life
I swear I was born in the doorway over there
I went out in the rain
and then it all changed
they're spreading blankets on the beach

Yours is the very first face I saw
I think I was blind before I met you
I don't know where I am
I don't know where I been
but I know where I want to go

So I thought I'd let you know
these things there's no telling
I especially am slow
but I realized how I need you
and I'm wondering if I could come home
home in your arms in your eyes in your home

Remember that time you drove all night
now right now
just to meet me in the morning sun
you said it was strange you said it all changed
you felt as if you had just woken up
and you said

This is the very first day of my life
I'm glad I didn't die before I met you
I don't really care
I could go anywhere at all with you
and I'd probably be happy

So if you wanna be with me
darling these things there's no telling
we'll just have to wait to see
I'd rather be right beside my family
since I already won the lottery

beside baby, I really think you like me
Track Name: How precious this breath is
How precious this breath is
how sweet the sounds are
how light the love gets
and yet the dark holds me closely